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 Q.A. - Things to Remember!

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Q.A. - Things to Remember! Empty
PostSubject: Q.A. - Things to Remember!   Q.A. - Things to Remember! Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2007 7:01 pm

This forum is only for frequently asked questions.

Notes to the replier
Give a brief summary to the question such as an example of the problem. Organize your thoughts step by step to answer their question. Do NOT get angry at the person that keeps asking the same question, report it to me or the mods and we will gladly lock it.

Notes to the asker
Check other topics related to your question. The answer might be in those particular topics. Please do not post the same question over and over again, I know it is annoying to the mods. These are just simple things to follow, and if you follow them people will now get mad at you Wink

Thank you,
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Q.A. - Things to Remember!
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